Forbes Deletes Controversial ETH and XRP Article, Crypto Community Outraged

• Forbes removes Roslyn Layton’s article about the SEC’s policy on ETH and XRP.
• The community responds with fury to this news as the article is still available via screenshots.
• Layton raises issues about why the SEC exempts Ethereum from Hinman speech while treating Ripple and XRP differently.

Forbes Removes Article on ETH and XRP

Senior Forbes contributor Roslyn Layton wrote an essay on SEC’s policy regarding ETH and XRP. Later it was mysteriously removed from the website. This comes as the XRP community responded with fury to this news. The article “Why the SEC Treats ripple and ethereum Differently” is currently inaccessible. An editor’s pop-up note states the page is no longer active. Nevertheless, the article’s still available thanks to screenshots distributed by members of the XRP community. In addition, digital assets enthusiast Bill Morgan disclosed on Twitter that the paper can still be viewed in reader mode on specific browsers.

Layton’s Questions Regarding SEC Policies

In her piece, Layton raises issues about why the SEC exempts Ethereum from a controversial 2018 Bill Hinman speech, which provides direction for developing sectors but treats Ripple and XRP differently. She argues that these records would show whether or not free pass provided to Ethereum was motivated by Hinman’s claimed conflict of interest or whether other considerations were made when deciding how to regulate cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple/XRP differently.

SEC Fights Ripple’s Attempts To Access Records

Ripple attempted to access records related to Hinman’s speech but met resistance from the SEC who argued that making them public may hinder future policy considerations by agency officials. At one time, these documents became a focal point of a lawsuit against Ripple filed bythe SEC last October which was eventually settled in December after they agreedto keep information secret per Omnibus petitions made in December .

Community Responds With Fury

The community responded with fury as an editor’s pop-up note stated that page was no longer active despite being able to access it via screenshots distributed by members ofthe XRP community as well as reading mode available through certain browsers accordingto digital assets enthusiast Bill Morgan who posted this discovery on Twitter.


In conclusion, Forbes’ author Layton raised questions regarding whySEC treats Ethereum differently than Ripple/XPR while providing guidance fordeveloping sector in its 2018 Bill Hinman Speech leading to responses of outragefrom cryptocurrency communities prompting its removal form Forbes website despitestill being available via screenshots distributed amongst its members as wellas reading mode accessible through certain browsers