Crypto Projects: Report Reveals Insights Into Blogging Practices

• Recent report scrutinizes the marketing approaches of the top 1000 crypto projects
• Blogging tactics of these companies impact their growth
• Content marketing is a strategy shrouded in ambiguity

Crypto Projects Lacking Proper Marketing

A recent report scrutinized the marketing approaches of the top 1000 crypto projects, providing insights into their blogging practices and the potential implications for their growth. Cryptocurrency companies are locked in a high-stakes race to stay ahead in a fast-paced, ever-changing market. Marketing and public relations strategies become vital for success as the battle intensifies.

Medium: A Prevalent Choice with Potential Consequences

The recent report by Guerrilla Buzz lifts the lid on the top 1000 crypto projects‘ marketing maneuvers, revealing how their blogging tactics impact their growth. Interestingly, 84.8% of these projects host their blogs on Medium. The platform offers a seamless solution for publishing content, particularly during ICOs when numerous projects emerged with ambitious goals and minimal infrastructure. However, relying on Medium may have unintended consequences for long-term growth as it may contribute to its traffic and growth rather than to that of its own company.

Content Marketing: A Strategy Shrouded in Ambiguity

The report accentuates the importance of strategic marketing investments for companies operating in this sphere by implementing effective strategies to attract serious investors and enhance resilience to market fluctuations. Furthermore, content must be tailored according to customer needs with an effective mix of educational material, research articles & whitepapers along with timely updates about product development & milestones achieved. However, many crypto projects remain ambiguous about this because they lack resources or experience in developing such content or disseminating it effectively; resulting in fewer returns from investments made towards content creation & dissemination due to inadequate audience reach or engagement levels.

Blogging Habits of Top 10 Crypto Projects

The report states that more than one-third (35.8%) of these 1000 crypto projects have gone silent without any new articles posted on their websites in 2023.. Blogging habits differ between different types of cryptocurrency companies; some prefer hosting them only on Medium while others blog both on their main domain as well as other platforms like Twitter & Reddit depending upon target demographics & objectives. For example, Bitcoin has kept its blog posts mostly limited to its main website while Ethereum posts almost all major announcements both there & elsewhere online thereby taking advantage from multiple sources available online for spreading news & updates quickly across different audiences simultaneously while also creating connections among them through establishing cross-platform links between all relevant sites/accounts owned by them.


Crypto companies must develop long-term marketing strategies and invest time and resources into developing effective content tailored according to customers’ needs if they wish to succeed in this competitive arena over time instead of just relying solely upon short term solutions like Medium which might not yield desired results every single time due to various external factors out of control such as internet censorship etc.. It is important that these organizations understand how best utilize available resources at hand appropriately so as maximize returns from each investment made towards promotion & advertising efforts made by them going forward – something only possible through proper planning coupled with thorough understanding regarding current industry trends followed closely before making any decisions related thereto